Taran Tactical Innovations

Taran Butler was born in Hollywood and grew up in Southern California on a horse ranch watching cowboy western films and shooting single action revolvers and lever action rifles at coke cans with his brother. In 1994 Taran shot an indoor bowling pin match with a borrowed Glock 24 and won. He shot his first Southwest Pistol League match in January 1995 with a Glock 21. He was instantly hooked. He went from unclassified to Grandmaster in just a little over a year and was the first person in USPSA history to do so using a Glock. Taran shot every match he could afford to go to and watched and learned from all best shooters he could. The first major match Taran went to was the Linea De Fuego Alpine Area 2 Championship in 1996 where he won the Limited Division. From then on, Taran has been a winning freak in the competitive shooting sports.

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