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Syrac Ordnance .750 Carbine Clamp On AR15 Adjustable Piston System - Canadian Tactical Cowboy Supplies, Ltd.

Syrac Ordnance

Syrac Ordnance .750 Carbine Clamp On AR15 Adjustable Piston System


This is the Syrac Ordnance New Low Pro Fully Adjustable Retro Fit Gas Piston System for the AR15 style platform.  This Piston System replaces the standard AR15 impingement gas system. It makes the rifle run much cleaner without blowing burnt carbon into the Upper Receiver Group. The piston gas block is low profile and fits under most handguards in the market. It will fit with any barrel nut (if a gas tube fits, the piston rod will fit).  The Syrac Ordnance piston system has a gas adjustment screw that is accessed from the font of the gas block with an Allen Key (included). The gas adjustment screw is locked into each position by a click adjustment detent. There are a total of 24 setting positions. The gas adjustment screw allows you to bleed off (release) the excess gas that is NOT required to properly cycle the rifle. You are able to fine tune your rifle based on the type of ammo you use and/or if you are using a silencer that creates more back pressure. By unscrewing the gas screw you bleed off excess gas out of the system which reduces the internal pressure. The released gas blows out forward from the front of the gas block. Releasing the excess gas helps to: reduce heat, reduce carbon build up, and creates a more consistent running system. Through testing we experienced that most rifle configurations have a "sweet spot" for adjustment. The 'sweet spot" produces a system that will cycle low pressure AND high pressure ammo at the same rate of fire. In addition to using the bleed off feature you can completely shut off the gas system which causes the rifle to not cycle.  All parts, including the gas screw, are removable for cleaning purposes.


  • Firearm Type: AR15
  • Gas Length: Carbine
  • Barrel Diameter at Gas Block Position: 0.750"
  • Weight: 12.8 oz.
  • Bolt Carrier: Carrier body and key are one solid piece. Skis on the back of carrier.
  • Gas Block Attachment Type: Clamp-on
  • Gas Adjustment:  Front of gas block
  • Piston System w/ one piece carrier (key is integral to carrier)
  • (1) 3/32" X 6"  Hex Key  (tool to adjust gas screw)
  • (1) 9/64" X 6" Hex key  (tool to install/remove gas block plug)

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