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LAR-15 AR15 10-Round Polymer Pistol Mag - Canadian Tactical Cowboy Supplies, Ltd. - 1

IMI Defense

LAR-15 AR15 10-Round Polymer Pistol Mag


  • G1 Polymer Pistol Magazine
  • Black polymer body - black floorplate
  • 10-Round (.223 Remington/5.56x45mm NATO) AR-15 PISTOL magazine
  • Manufactured by IMI Defense Israel specifically for the Canada
  • Designed for LAR15 AR Pistol, and XCR-P Pistol
  • Legal to use in AR15 rifles
  • Also see LAR15 10-Round Aluminum AR15 Pistol Magazine

Please see RCMP Special Bulletin No. 72 - Maximum Permitted Magazine Capacity

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