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FIREClean Advanced Gun Oil - 2oz


Now Available!

Incredibly durable, slick lubrication.
Odorless, non-toxic, and powerful solvent.
No-heat-required conditioning.
All in one bottle. 

FIREClean was founded in early 2012 by two longtime shooting enthusiasts.  Having tired of conventional gun oils that quickly evaporated in hard use, they sought to develop something better.  Why is FIREClean growing so quickly?

FIREClean Advanced Gun Oil:

  • melts carbon fouling....but doesn't harm metal, polymer, or night sights
  • conditions metal to resist carbon fouling, with no heating required
  • lubricates to incredibly high temperatures and isn't "flung off" into your eye protection.  Shooters with tightly  fitted 1911 pistols report 3,000 rounds between cleanings.
  • non-toxic, non-flammable, and odorless
  • ultra high efficiency; very little oil is required to get the job done
  • formulated to prevent gumming
  • used and recommended by some of the top shooting instructors in the industry, with a growing portfolio of alliances in firearms manufacturing
  • approved and recommended by the National Tactical Officers Association

Rental ranges and professional shooters report a serious reduction in cleaning time and effort.  Parts that used to be cleaned with brake cleaner, wire wheels and dental picks can now be wiped off with QTips and paper towels.

While FIREClean was originally developed for suppressed, short-barreled AR-15s (unquestionably one of the world's most unforgiving lubrication environments), it also works incredibly well on revolvers, 22LR semi autos, muzzle loaders, bolt action rifles, 1911s, and even .50 caliber belt fed machine guns.  For this reason some of the world's top competitive shooters and specially selected SWAT elements are using FIREClean to keep their guns running cleaner and longer.


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