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Apex M&P Forward Set Sear & Trigger Kit - Canadian Tactical Cowboy Supplies -

Apex Tactical

Apex M&P Forward Set Sear & Trigger Kit

SKU: 100-067

 Apex Forward Set Sear & Trigger Kit

  • Includes forward set sear, aluminium trigger, striker block kit, and spring kit
  • Striker block kit includes striker block, spring, and talon tactical tool
  • Spring kit includes trigger return spring, trigger return spring install tool, sear spring, and ram spring
  • Results in trigger pull weight near 4lbs
  • Smooth uptake and reset
  • Total trigger travel of .120"
  • Improved safety features make the FSS a reliably safe trigger system
  • Works with all Smith & Wesson M&P pistols in all centrefire calibers and configurations
  • Requires the use of the sear housing block designed for the large size sear plunger and spring (current production as of June, 2011)


  • Forward set trigger reduces trigger pre-travel and over-travel
  • The center mounted pivoting safety bar prevents unintended operation by creating a trigger block that will not disengage unless the shooter places their finger on the center of the trigger and encourages trigger manipulation directly in line with the bore axis 
  • Forward set sear shortens the stroke of the trigger pull by dropping the striker at a point farther forward than the factory sear
  • Forward set striker block has an improved radius on the striker block face that produces a smoother trigger pull and eliminates most false reset issues
  • This kit produces a smooth 4-5 lb. trigger pull

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