FireClean is a new lubrication/cleaning product that I have been testing for months and have had exceptional results.  It is non-toxic, odorless, and lubricates and melts carbon.  Also, it does not allow carbon to stick and will work exceptionally well in suppressed guns.  I have used it on my tactical rifles, sniper rifles, sniper rifles, pistols and on my knives.It is a single stage lubricant that does not separate and does not migrate when you put it on.  It flushes off with carb cleaner and does not take much to recoat

  • FIREClean Advanced Gun Oil - 2oz

    FIREClean Advanced Gun Oil - 2oz

    Now Available! Incredibly durable, slick lubrication.Odorless, non-toxic, and powerful solvent.No-heat-required conditioning.All in one bottle.  FIREClean was founded in early 2012 by two longtime shooting enthusiasts.  Having tired of conventional gun...

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