In 1996, EOTech debuted its holographic sighting technology to be used in sport shooting and hunting applications to increase target accuracy and speed of target acquisition. The HWS uses patented technology to provide the user a parallax free sighting device that is nearly indestructible. The HWS removes some of the complexities from targeting and allows the aiming process to become almost instinctive and reflexive.
  • L-3 EoTech 518.A65 L-3 EoTech 518.A65

    L-3 EoTech 518.A65

    The best just got better.  The 518 runs on easy to find AA batteries but offers all of the features found in EOTech’s EXPS top of the line sight. With side button functionality you can reduce rail space when partnering the 518 with an EOTech...

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  • L-3 EoTech XPS2-0 L-3 EoTech XPS2-0

    L-3 EoTech XPS2-0

    The XPS2 is the shortest, smallest and lightest EOTech model holographic weapon sight available without night vision. Its size and weight make it convenient for hunters and law enforcement officers to carry. It is also fast and runs on a single 123...

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