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State of the industry - Feb 2013

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Needless to say 2013 is shaping out to be a hellva year.

The gun control argument has shifted from the US national level to the US state level.  This is still having a negative impact (ie massive uprecidented demand) on anything tactical.  

Ammo has also been affected with 9mm, 223/556 and even 22LR being scarce to find.  Walmart, Cabelas, BassPro, your local gun store (LGS) are pretty much being stripped bare of anything firearms related.

This has stretched many gun stores supply lines and made our lives difficult.

HOWEVER - We are still commited to brining you the best, high quality firearms gear to you in a timely and efficent manner!


Things in the pipe

  • C-Products .223/5.56 30/5 mags
  • Lower Parts Kits
  • Uppers (VLTOR, Aero, etc)
  • Bolt Carrier Groups
  • LOTS of Magpul gear

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